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For all purchases, an email is required to send the receipt to. We will not use your email for anything else.

If you need support, contact us on Discord. All purchases are final and Evolution reserves the right to not offer refunds or reimburse you in any way. If you open a chargeback against us, you will be suspended from the store and permanently banned on the network. Please make sure you read our Terms and Conditions to ensure the information of what you need to know as a consumer of our store. 

If you are a Java Edition player, the process of the store should be relatively familiar. Put in your Minecraft username when prompted. If you are a Bedrock Edition player, you must add the * before your username/gamer tag. If you have any issues with purchases or have further questions, please open a support ticket on our Discord server. Purchases do not grant advantages in gameplay on the network but rather speeds up gameplay. We will not sell any item that cannot be obtained in the game through regular game progression. If you believe that an item on our store gives players an unfair advantage, please let us know directly at our support email.

Our administrative and development thank you in advance for supporting the network if you decide to make a purchase!

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